Rebeca Fernandez

Web Developer & Ux/Ui Designer

Berlin based versatile product professional with a hands-on approach across all phases of the product life cycle. Drawing inspiration from my dedication to sports, where teamwork, adaptability, and precision are key, I bring these values into my work. With a diverse background encompassing Design, Education, Web Development, and Customer Service, I excel in driving projects from inception to execution, delivering innovative solutions that align with business goals.

Some of the tools I use:

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The Services
I Offer

Web Developer

Crafting functional and dynamic websites with clean code, ensuring seamless performance and optimal user experience.

Web Developer

  • I develop customized websites tailored to clients' specifications and requirements.
  • I utilize various programming languages and frameworks to build responsive and scalable web applications.
  • I implement functionality enhancements and integrate third-party APIs to optimize website performance.
  • Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure cross-browser compatibility and seamless user interaction.

Ux/Ui Designer

Creating compelling user experiences through thoughtful interface design, enhancing usability and driving user engagement.

Ux/Ui Desgigner

  • Conduct user research and analysis to understand target audience needs and behaviors.
  • Design intuitive user interfaces with a focus on usability and accessibility.
  • Develop wireframes and interactive prototypes to demonstrate user flows and interactions.
  • Continuously iterate and refine designs based on user feedback and usability testing results.

Service Expert

My user knowledge allows me to create the best user experiences and websites, ensuring that every aspect is optimized for user satisfaction and engagement.

Service Expert

  • Implement proactive strategies to anticipate customer needs and enhance the overall user experience on websites.
  • Utilize data analytics and feedback mechanisms to continuously improve customer service processes and drive business growth.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams including developers, product managers, and stakeholders to align design goals with business objectives.
  • Apply user-centered design methodologies to create intuitive and accessible website interfaces, ensuring an optimal user experience across devices and platforms.

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App Design

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E-commerce App Design

What they say
about me?


Ralf Higer - Customer Service Manager (Internetstores GmbH)

Rebeca demonstrated a confident mastery of her technical area, swiftly grasping emerging problems and resolving them effectively. Her work method remained focused, systematic, and precise, even under time pressure and heavy workloads.


Matilde Hessellund - Customer Care International (Internetstores GmbH)

Rebeca consistently delivered exemplary performance and upheld high-quality standards in all tasks. Her reliability and adaptability were exceptional, contributing significantly to team cohesion. As a dedicated team player, Rebeca's eagerness to learn and adapt positively influenced our work environment. Overall, she exceeded expectations with her strong work ethic and proactive approach to learning and growth. Her valuable contributions greatly enhanced team success.


Konstantin Santikos - Head of Customer Service (Speakeasy Berlin)

Rebeca consistently exuded positivity, always greeting others with a warm smile and demonstrating genuine care for the students under her consultation. Her proactive nature and her unwavering commitment to finding solutions made a significant impact on our team.

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